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5 Insights From Interview Analytics

Humanly Voice, recently recognized for its innovation in voice tech and conversational AI, delivers new insights into attracting and retaining talent. After your first 20 interviews, you'll get a baseline interview effectiveness report & action plan and start to learn more about..

  • Unconscious bias signals
  • What candidates ask
  • What candidates feel
  • Why employees stay
  • Why employees leave, and more


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Humanly Voice is proving to be an instrumental recruiting team player. Across the candidate-to-employee lifecycle, we anticipate Humanly Voice to deliver the insights for us to be more prescriptive in attracting, developing, motivating, and retaining talent."

Jenalyn Miller

Director of Human Resources, Gravity Payments

Humanly Voice in action.

See what an interview effectiveness report & action plan looks like.

Level up your hiring advantage.

Provide a consistent, measurable, and inclusive interview experience that will drive personal growth and organizational productivity.

Facilitating Collaboration

Ensuring structured hiring

Coaching teammates

Connecting systems

Reducing Bias

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Simply, schedule a 30-minute chat. You'll learn how to invite Humanly Voice to your remote interviews powered by Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. And after 20 interviews, Humanly presents your team's first interview effectiveness report & action plan — free.

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